Monday, June 25, 2018

Piaget, J. (1971). Developmental stages and developmental processes. In D. R. Green, M.P. Ford, & G. B. Flamer (Eds.), Measurement and
Piaget (pp. 172–188). New York: McGraw-Hill.

This book is a collection of papers presented at the symposium, "Conference on Ordinal Scales of Cognitive Development, sponsored by the California Test Bureau. Papers include:

"The Theory of Stages in Cognitive Development" (J. Piaget)

"Two Approaches to Intelligence: Piagetian and Psychometric" (D. Elkind); "An Implicit Metric for Ordinal Scales: Implications for Assessment of Cognitive Growth" (P. M. Bentler); "Theoretical Regularities and Individual Idiosyncrasies" (R. D. Tuddenham); "Some Problems Associated with Formal Thought and Its Assessment" (K. Lovell); "The Role of Experience in the Rate and Sequence of Cognitive Development" (M. L. Goldschmid); "Does the Piagetian Approach Imply Instruction?" (S. E. Englemann); Developmental Theory and Diagnostic Procedures" (B. Inhelder);

"Developmental Stages and Developmental Processes" (H. Beilin);

"The Uses of Verbal Behavior in Assessing Children's Cognitive Abilities" (J. H. Flavell); "Closing Remarks" (B. Inhelder and J. Piaget). The following papers were not read at the conference, but were presented in written and outline form respectively: "Montonicity Analysis: An Alternative to Linear Factor and Test Analysis" (P. M. Bentler); "Assessing Cognitive Development via Measures of Optimal Performance" (J. D. Ayers). Comments and open floor discussions on each paper are included. (MS)

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