Saturday, June 16, 2018

Erich Fromm identified this as a distinction between 'being' and ' having' in life. He noted, ' In the having mode of my existence of my relationship to the world is one of possessing and owning, one in which I want to make everybody and everything, including myself, my
property. On the other hand, the being mode is equated with the concept of process, activity, and movement as an element in being... the idea that being implies change, i.e., that being is becoming

Fromm claimed that the writings of Meister Eckart represented one of the clearest positions against the 'having' mode. The essence of Eckhart's concept of non-attachment was the idea that the person who wants nothing is the person who is not greedy for anything. As Fromm
says, 'this does not mean that we should neither possess anything nor do anything; it means we should not be bound, tied, and chained, to what we own and what we have...

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