Thursday, June 07, 2018

age, moderator

Armstrong-Stassen, M., & Schlosser, F. K. (2008). Benefits of a supportive development climate
for older workers. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 23, 419–437.

Truxillo and colleagues (2012) suggested that age moderates the effects of certain
job characteristics on job attitudes.

Truxillo, D. M., Cadiz, D. M., Rineer, J. R., Zaniboni, S., & Fraccaroli,
F. (2012). A lifespan perspective on job design: Fitting the job
and the worker to promote job satisfaction, engagement, and
performance. Organizational Psychology Review, 2, 340–360

Several studies have examined
interactions between age and job characteristics such as job complexity
and job control (Zacher & Frese, 2009, 2011; Zacher, Heusner,
Schmitz, Zwierzanska, & Frese, 2010), task variety and skill variety
(Zaniboni, Truxillo, Fraccaroli, McCune, & Bertolino, 2014; Zaniboni
et al., 2013), and job demands, control, and support (De Lange
et al., 2010; Shultz, Wang, Crimmins, & Fisher, 2010).

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