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first half of adulthood has been described as a period of growth and expansion during
which individuals seek to find and maximize their status in society, whereas security
and threat-avoidance become more important in the second half (Kuhlen, 1968;
Staudinger & Bluck, 2001).

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sense of identity becomes stronger
from young adulthood to middle age (Stewart, Ostrove, & Helson, 2001),

Stewart, A. J., Ostrove, J. M., &Helson, R. (2001). Middle-aging in women: Patternsofpersonality
change from the 30s to the 50s.Jottrnal of Adult Development, 8, 23-37.

Generativity tends to peak in middle age,
but the conditions associated with its peaking are not altogether clear (McAdams,
2001) and some have argued that it is the felt capacity for generativity, as opposed
to desire for or actual generative actions, that peaks in middle adulthood (Stewart &
Vandewater, 1998).

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(pp. 75-100). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

Ryff & Heincke, 1983; Zucker, Ostrove, &
Stewart, 2002) show that young adults expect to increase in identity certainty and
generativity during middle age

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Search for personal growth lessens after midlife
(Ryff, 1991),

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