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Flood’s (2006) theory of successful aging among various older adult populations was explored in a series of three descriptive cross-sectional surveys (McCarthy, 2009, 2011; McCarthy et al, 2012).

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Tornstam (1994) developed a 10-item, three-dimensional Gerotranscendence Scale.
Tornstam, L. (1994). Gerotranscendence: A theoretical and empirical exploration. In I. E. Thomas & S. A. Eisenhandler (Eds.), Aging and the religious dimension (pp. 203-225). Westport, CT: Auburn House.

A number of studies were conducted by Tornstam (1997b, 2000, 2003) and others, mostly with Scandinavian samples (Braam, Bramsen, van Tilburg, van der Ploeg, & Deeg, 2006; Wadensten & Carlsson, 2003, 2005; Wadensten & Hägglund, 2006).

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(Online publication from The Social Gerontology Group, Uppsala, Sweden)

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Self-Transcendence Scale, developed by Reed (1989b) among samples of older adults and adults facing end-of-life issues, consisted of 15 items that measured perceptions of the degree or level of transcendence. Items included the following: “sharing my wisdom and experience with others,” “helping others in some way,” and “finding meaning in my past experiences.”

Reed. P. G. (1989b). Self-transcendence in aging scale: Mental health of older adults. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 11, 161-163.

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