Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fichter, 5 Gorer, 6 Cauter and Downham, 7 and Glock, Ringer and Babbie, 8 have shown that weekly church attendance is slightly higher among older people than younger people.

In addition Gorer found slight dŸ in belief in life after death between older and younger persons.

5 Joseph H. Fiehter, "The Profile of Catholic ReligiousLife," American Journal o~ Sociology,
58 (July, 1952), pp. 145-49.

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Op. cit. In addition, Cavan and his associates found slight inereases in the proportion
believing in lffe after death as age inereased in a study, however, restrieted to persons over
60. For lack of denominational controls, and because of the small and somewhat inconsistent
difference, ir is diflicult to say what, ff anything, these data mean.

 R. S. Cavan, et al., Personal Adjustment in Old Age, Chieago: Scienee Researeh Assoeiates, 1949.

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