Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lawrence Kohlberg, Kohlberg's stages of moral development

book: the philosophy of moral development (1981), vI
a collection of essays by Kohlberg
philosophical inquiry of morality

Kohlberg's theory of moral development is application and elaboration of Piaget's theory of cognitive development to problems of morality

Emphasis on reason by Kant, Piaget, and Kohlberg

the supreme virtue is justice and all moral education should be concerned with justice

Kohlberg attempts to bring religion into the study of morality and moral development
relationship between religion and morality
the religion Kohlberg advocates is not theistic, not Christian
Kohlberg is hostile toward Christianity
pantheism, religion without God

parallels between Kohlberg's religious development and Fowler's faith development stages


Sixth stage
absolute achievement of mature reason

Seventh stage
union with diety

@Kohlberg, L. (1973). Stages and Aging in Moral Development: Some Speculations. The Gerontologist, 13(4), 497-502

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