Tuesday, March 13, 2018

 Loevinger, J. (1976). Ego Development. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Loevinger proposed eight/nine stages of ego in development,

the six which occur in adulthood being conformist, conscientious-conformist, conscientious, individualistic, autonomous, and integrated.

The majority of adults are at the conscientious-conformist level.

new stage E10
Need to evaluate things and persons is abandoned. Merging with the world, no more holding, but engaging in the flow of things. Playful alternation between seriousness and triviality, intermingling of different states of consciousness, thinking in time cycles and historical dimensions, full acceptance of differences and people as they are.

Cook-Greuter, Susanne (1985). "Ego Development: Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace".

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