Saturday, March 17, 2018

ego-integrity (i.e., realizing that the pieces of life's jigsaw puzzle form a wholeness)

ego-integrity stage described by Erikson is a process ofreflection and integration of the past,
Erikson's theory, ego-integration primarily refers to the integration and possible reconstruction of elements from the life that has passed. The individual reaches a fundamental acceptance of the life lived, regardless of how it might be viewed from the outside. In this way, the ego-integrity described by Erikson is more a process of backward integration taking place within the same world view,

while gerotranscendence implies looking forward and outward accompanied by a fundamental change in how the self and world are perceived (Tornstam, 1999)
whereas the process of gerotranscendence implies a more forwardly or outwardly directed process, including a redefinition of reality. In the perspective of gerotranscendence, thus, reminiscence becomes part of a much larger reorganization and reconstruction process than is implied by Erikson's developmental theory.
Tornstam, L. (1999). Gerotranscendence and the Functions of Reminiscence

Furthermore, there appears to be a spiritual component (i.e., increased feeling of cosmic communion)
present in gerotranscendence that is not present in Erikson's theory. Because of this, gerotranscendence can be seen as an extension of Erikson's model (Erikson, 1997; Tornstam, 2005, p. 76).

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