Monday, March 19, 2018

David Ranson notes, it is the context of one’s gender
that forms the type of relationship one has with the transcendent.

Gender is a foundational context for spirituality. It may even be imagined
as a ‘type’ of culture for it provides an individual with a set of meanings,
values and patterns which serve both to interpret the world and to provide
guidance for living whilst being a source of identity. Embodied, we
exist as either male or female. The specificity of our sex is intrinsic to who
we are as persons. We can only understand ourselves as persons through
the sex we are. Likewise, we can only enter into the spiritual endeavour
through the sex we are. We can only search for, experience and
express God according to our sex. We cannot discover God outside our
bodies—and our bodies are either female or male. (Ranson, 2002, p. 300)

Ranson, D. (2002). Maleness: A new context in spirituality. The Australian Catholic
Record, 79(3).

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