Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cosmic Transcendence Scale
The distinguishing qualities of Cosmic transcendence are: a) the respondents feelings of being connected with the whole of the universe, b) of being part of everything alive, c) the tendency to feel a strong presence of persons who are elsewhere, d) the tendency to feel as if one were living in the past and present simultaneously and e) a strong feeling of connection with earlier generations.

Reminiscence Functions Scale
Unity of Existence
Remember somebody who has passed away
Tell younger family members/people how it was when I was young/how it was to live in the old days
Help me to accept death
Revive happy moments in life

Understand myself better
Help me to solve problems
Get an overview of my life
Revive bitter memories

I am expected to
Gives me someting to do
Others do
Others ask me to

Tornstam, L. (1999). Gerotranscendence and the Functions of Reminiscence (Vol. 4).

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