Monday, August 07, 2017

social welfare 社會福利

1981 老人福利機構設立標準Establishment Standards of Senior Citizens’ Welfare Institutions

Regulations on Subsidization for Medical Treatment and Auxiliary Appliances for the Disabled (1997)

Regulations on Living Allowance For Mid or Low-income Senior Citizens (1998)

1998 私立老人福利機構設立許可及管理辦法Permit and management regulations for the establishment of private senior citizens’ welfare institutions

Regulations on Subsidization for the Rent or Loan Interest for the Disabled to Rent or Purchase Houses (1999)

Regulations on Selection and Training of the Professional Workers Providing Welfare Service for the Disabled (1999)

 Regulations on Permission and Supervision of Interior Business Public Welfare Trusts(2000)

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