Monday, August 07, 2017

service sector liberalization

1994 外國保險業設立許可及管理辦法, Regulations for Establishment and Administration of Foreign Insurance Enterprises

2000 銀行間徵信資料處理交換服務事業許可及管理辦法

2001 外國銀行分行及代表人辦事處設立及管理辦法

Regulations Governing Mergers or Consolidations, General Assumptions, or General Assignments Between Foreign Financial Institutions and Domestic Financial Institutions (2001)

Regulations Governing Foreign Bank Branches And Representative Offices (2001)

Regulations Governing Public Disclosure of Information by Life Insurance Enterprises (2001)

Regulations on Real Estate Appraisal (2001)

Regulations Governing the Management of Collective Trust Funds (2001)

Regulations Governing Permission of Foreign Certification Service Providers (2002)

Regulations Governing the Commendation of Excellent Exporters/Importers (2002)

Regulations Governing Foreign Exchange Brokers (2003)

Act governing the administration of professional engineering consulting firms (2003)

Regulations of Foreign Civil Air Transport Enterprise (2008)

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