Sunday, July 30, 2017

專科學校推廣教育 Junior Colleges Continuing Education

educational activities conducted by junior colleges according to their education goals aiming at improving the intellectual skills of the public as well as the cultural standard of the society.

Continuing education can be divided into credit programs and non-credit programs.

Those who apply for the credit programs shall have the application qualifications for junior college.
the teaching staff of credit programs shall be qualified college lecturers or professional and technical teachers with qualified certificates
The continuing education credit programs of junior colleges shall be considered as a Degree Program and its curriculum, lecturing hours, examination and credit shall conform to the relevant regulations governing junior college.
The schools shall award credit certificates to credit program students who have completed the required credit with passing grades. The credit program students passing the entrance examination of junior college may apply for credits waiving in accordance with the regulations and rules of the school.

The application qualifications for non-credit programs shall be prescribed by the school.
the teaching staff of non-credit programs can be experienced experts.
The school shall award certificates to non-credit program students who have completed the required credit.

Extramural teaching and distance learning can be part of continuing education.

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