Tuesday, July 11, 2017


  • The Seth Material 靈界的訊息, 方智, 民83
  • (Seth Speaks:) The Eternal Validity of the Soul 靈魂永生
  • The nature of the psyche, its human expression , 心靈的本質
  • Psychic politics 心靈政治
  •  The unknown reality 未知的實相 
  •  The early sessions book 早期課
  • The nature of personal reality 個人實相的本質
  •  The individual and the nature of mass events 個人與群體事件的本質 
  • The magical approach Seth speaks about the art of creative living 神奇之道 
  • The way toward health 健康之道
  • Dreams, evolution, and value fulfillment 夢、進化與價值完成
  • (Seth) dreams and projection of consciousness  夢與意識投射
  • A seth workbook: create your own reality
  • adventures in consciousness
  • how to develop your ESP power
  • 賽斯讓你成為命運的創造者 王季慶
  • use 王季慶 as author to search

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