Sunday, July 30, 2017

專科學校夜間部 Junior college evening divisions (night schools)

 establish evening divisions (night schools)

Junior colleges may establish evening divisions (night schools) in order to provide opportunities for educational advancement to young working people and to increase the educational options of high school graduates or students with equivalent educational attainment.

A junior college evening division should only offer courses of the same type as those offered by the college’s day division. However, in situations where an evening division can meet special social or industrial needs, it may offer other types of courses if they are approved by the Ministry of Education.

There are two categories of junior college evening division students: formal students and elective students.

Junior college evening division elective students are not formally enrolled and are not required to pass an entrance examination, to be high school graduates, or to possess equivalent educational attainment. Elective students may be accepted after passing the school’s own screening process.
Elective students may not take more than ten credit hours of courses per semester. If they receive passing grades, they will be issued credit certificates.

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