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1942 水利法, Water Act, The administration and development of water works shall be in compliance with this Act or follow the local customs, provided the local customs are not in contravention herein.Water resources, being part of the natural resources, are owned by the state, and the state ownership is not prejudiced by the land ownership of any persons.The term “water work” as referred to herein shall mean control or utilization of surface or ground waters by artificial means for the purposes of flood control, tidal wave control, irrigation, drainage, leaching of injurious salt, soil conservation, water reservation, silt dredge, water supply, pier construction, facilitating navigation, and hydro-power development.

1942 國家總動員法 national general mobilization law

1943 所得稅法 Income Tax Act
1943 房屋稅條例 House Tax Act
1943 職工福利金條例 Employee Welfare Fund Act

1944 專利法 Patent Act (民國三十三年專利法制定公布)

1944 強迫入學條例 Compulsory Education Act 
1944  傳染病防治法  Communicable Disease Control Act
1944 補習及進修教育法 Supplementary Education Act
1944  學校教職員退休條例  Statute Governing the Retirement of School Faculty and Staff 
1944 懲治盜匪條例 Act for the Control and Punishment of Banditry, 民國46年6月5日修正
1944 工程受益費徵收條例 Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by Construction Project
1944 戡亂時期竊盜犯贓物犯保安處分條例 (民國四十四年十二月三十日總統制定公布全文14條 ,民國四十六年一月三十日總統修正公布全文15條 )

1945年, 國民黨政權依”中國民國訓政時期約法體制”開始統治台灣
自1947年, 台灣隨著中國改行”中華民國憲法” 
(王泰升. 台灣法律史概論, 136)

1946  貨物稅條例 Commodity Tax Act
1946  監獄行刑法 Prison Act

1947 電業法 Electricity Act 
1947 市區道路條例 Urban Road Act
(1959 公路法 Highway Act)

1948, 動員戡亂時期臨時條款 
1948  大學法  University Act 
1948  商業會計法 Business Entity Accounting Act
1948 專科學校法Junior College Act
1948  懲治走私條例 The Smuggling Penalty Act
1948 違反糧食管理治罪條例
Statute for the Punishment of Violations of the Regulation of Foodstuffs. Enacted in 1946, just when
Communist-led uprisings began in earnest in mainland China, and last amended in 1971 when the oil crisis hit Taiwan, it was an exercise in painfully straightforward and draconian proportionality: punishment was commensurate with the volume of foodstuffs stockpiled by the offender, with capital punishment being the maximum penalty. 
Liu, L. S. (2012). All about Fair Trade? — Competition Law in Taiwan and East Asian Economic Development. The Antitrust Bulletin, 57(2), 259-301. 

1949 懲治叛亂條例 Act for the Control and Punishment of Rebellion, Act Governing the Punishment of Rebellion, Statute for the Punishment of Treason; 1991廢止懲治叛亂條例
1949 戒嚴 
1949 國營事業管理法 Administrative Law of State-Owned Enterprise
1949 軍人撫卹條例 Indemnity Act for Military Personnel
1949 管理外匯條例 Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Foreign Exchange Control Act

1948 動員戡亂時期臨時條款, 1991終止
1991, 12月30日完成所有第一屆資深中央民意代表退職, 順利產生第二屆的國會

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