Tuesday, May 09, 2017

what kind of data are you dealing with?
correct -- ........you are...........

Your sentence is not constructed as a question, but it ends with a question mark. Consider changing the word order.
The normal structure for a simple sentence is: subject + verb + object. This creates a statement.
To make a question, part of the sentence is inverted. Question words, auxiliary verbs, and modal verbs are usually moved in front of the subject. The main verb and certain tenses of to be remain after the subject.

A simple sentence with one verb is made into a sentence by adding the auxiliary verb do.

Some sentences may become questions by adding a question tag at the end.

The following sentences are all correct question constructions.
Where does this book belong?
Are you going to the fair?
Have you been given the new instructions?
What would Helen think about that?
Will George ever retire?
Does Sandra have the key to the safe?
You don’t like the shirt, do you?

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