Thursday, May 18, 2017


According to Regulations Governing Pre-Service Training for Attorneys, a person who has passed the bar (written) exams needs to complete the training program to be licensed as a lawyer.  However, with much more people pass the bar exams after 2011, it becomes difficult to arrange trainings for all candidates, due to limited capacity of training organizations

Citizens who pass bar exams and complete the requisite New Admittees training programs are licensed as lawyers. Some of the applicants waived from taking bar exams are waived from the New Admittee Training Program.[1]

[1] Judges, prosecutors, public defenders for at least 6 years, military judges for at least 6 years are waived from the requisite New Admittees training programs.

The training program has two stages. The first stage is one-month basic training conducted at the Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute (under Ministry of Justice) or the Taiwan Bar Association. The second stage is 5-month practical training conducted at a law firm or the Legal Aid Foundation. 

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