Friday, May 26, 2017

law firms that offer international legal services are quite limited in number.Furthermore, many of the law firms that handle international legal matters employ foreign lawyers.National support in these firms comes from local attorneys who earned their advanced degrees in foreign countries, primarily the United States.174 Such a powerful foreign influence indicates that the local legal education system fails to produce lawyers capable of dealing with international matters without external support.The legal education system must improve its ability to produces students who can better serve local businesses and people involved in international matters.

An increasing number of foreign lawyers represent local companies in arbitrations and mediations with foreign companies.192 Local lawyers are viewed as unable to provide appropriate protections for domestic companies in transactions with foreign companies.193

One possibility is to replace the current system with a J.D.-like system as seen in the United States. An alternative to a systematic changeover is to adopt a dual system as Japan did in their reforms. Under this model, Taiwan would introduce the J.D. system alongside the current system as well as
policy governing the relationship between the two systems.

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