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effect of democracy on economic growth

net effect of democracy on growth performance cross-nationally over the last five decades is negative or null

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Elias Papaioannou and Gregorios Siourounis and Dani Rodrik and Romain Wacziarg find a relationship between episodes of democratization (if sustained) and growth rates in subsequent years, though they make no claims about the effect of democracy per se on growth performance; see Papaioannou and Siourounis, “Democratization and Growth,”Working Paper (London Business School, October 2004);

Rodrik and Wacziarg, “Do Democratic Transitions Produce Bad Economic Outcomes?” (Manuscript, December 2004).

Barro finds that “growth is increasing in democracy at low levels of democracy, but the relation turns
negative once a moderate amount of political freedom is attained”; Barro, Determinants of Economic
Growth (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1997).

A few recent studies find a positive overall relationship between democracy and growth, but this is not the standard finding. These recent studies include

Surjit S. Bhalla, “Freedom and Economic Growth: A Virtuous Cycle?” in Axel Hadenius, ed., Democracy’s Victory and Crisis (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997)

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