Saturday, May 06, 2017

democracy and growth

empirical findings on the democracy-growth nexus are divided at best (Barro, 1997; Petrova & Bates, 2007; Przeworski, Alvarez, Cheibub, & Limongi, 2000; Gerring, Bond, Barndt, & Moreno, 2005).

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Those interested in the rule of law more narrowly conceived have focused on more discrete institutional checks that might enhance the credibility of commitments (Cox & McCubbins, 2001; Tsebelis, 2002) including those arising from constitutional arrangements (presidentialism and
bicameralism), electoral rules (proportional representation and the corresponding likelihood of coalition governments), the so-called “horizontal” checks on government, such as independent
central banks or regulatory agencies (Schedler, Diamond, & Plattner, 1999) and from independent judiciaries.
The most comprehensive effort to construct a cross-national database of institutional checks on government has been undertaken by Henisz, who finds a relationship between such checks
and economic growth (Henisz, 2000a), the volatility of policy (Henisz, 2004), foreign direct investment (Henisz, 2000b), and investment in infrastructure (Henisz, 2002) and telecommunications
(Henisz & Zelner, 2001; see also Stasavage, 2002, 2003).

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