Friday, April 14, 2017

travel to China, frequency

the more frequently a person travels to Mainland China, the better impression he will have of Mainland China. This is especially true for the Taiwanese population that has been to Mainland China more than seven times. Frequency of travel to Mainland China by residents of Taiwan also led to a more positive assessment on the likelihood of social and economic integration between Taiwan and Mainland China. More than 78% of the people of Taiwan who have traveled to Mainland China believe that there will be social integration between Taiwan and Mainland China (see Table 4), whereas 87% of the  same group believe there will be economic integration between the two in the
future (see Table 5).

Wei, Y. (2004). From Functional Integration to Structural Readjustment: Taipei–Beijing relations and the role of the United States. Journal of Contemporary China, 13(40), 427-460.

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