Saturday, April 22, 2017

Those who are born before 1953, male, supporting the Pan-Blue Camp, preferring unification, and/or confident that Taiwan’s democracy can change Mainland China are likely to use ‘brotherhood’ as an analogy in their description about Taiwan’s relationship with Mainland China.

Those who were born in 1969 and after have strong Taiwanese national/ethnic identity, reject unification and/or doubt that Mainland China will be politically influenced by Taiwan, are likely to hold hostile attitudes in their description about their mainland counterpart. As shown in Figure 1, the category ‘friends’ includes a variety of national identity, which implies that a good number of respondents hold complex views about Mainland China.

Liu, F. C. S., & Li, Y. (2017). Generation Matters: Taiwan’s Perceptions of Mainland China and Attitudes Towards Cross-Strait Trade Talks. Journal of Contemporary China, 26(104), 263-279

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