Friday, April 21, 2017

Taiwanese government sees ‘democracy’ as a major source of Taiwan’s attractiveness
to the American public. ‘Democracy is a shared value between US and Taiwan’, says a
senior Taiwanese official stationed in Washington DC, ‘and democratization indeed
makes it easier to sell Taiwan’s image in the States’. Taiwan supporters confirm that
the peaceful party-turnover in the 2000 election in Taiwan made an especially strong
impression on the US and has attracted more support for Taiwan’s democracy and
stability. Commentators in Taiwan argue that Taiwan’s democratization could be a
great example for non-democratic countries, just as Taiwan’s economic achievements
set an example for the developing countries in the 1980s.

Wang, H., & Lu, Y.-C. (2008). The Conception of Soft Power and its Policy Implications: a comparative study of China and Taiwan. Journal of Contemporary China, 17(56), 425–447.

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