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China quarterly

One to ten spelled out, 11 or more in figures; per cent in text, but % in footnotes. Use comma for 1,000 units. First, second, third, 11th. Dates: 2 March 2012, 20th century, 1980s. Page references: 324–26 but 324–336 (i.e. the rule is that you always repeat the last number that is the same, until you get to thousands, in which case, 2050–64).

Duckett 2010.
Duckett 2010, 54.
O’Brien and Li 2006.
Liu, He and Wu 2008, 23–24.
He et al. 2010
Rozelle 1991, 1996; Duckett 2010.
Rozelle 1991, 1996, 84; Duckett 2010, 54–55.
Lu 2000a, 2000b, 82; Duckett 2010, 9.

As Duckett (2010, 67) points out, “quoted text.”'

Wang, Hufeng 2009; Wang, Shaoguang 1995.
Williams, Peter 2012; Williams, Bob 2008.
Williams, Peter, and Wang 2003.

Chen 2011a, 2011b

Two or more consecutive references to the same work
Use Ibid. followed by page(s) if they differ:
Ibid., 14–16.

Williams, Peter. 2011a. Book Title.
Williams, Peter. 2011b. Title of Book.

Use full author names

Dickson, Bruce. 2008. Red Capitalists in China: The Party, Private Entrepreneurs, and Prospects for Political Change. New York: Cambridge University Press.

O’Brien, Kevin, and Lianjiang Li. 2006. Rightful Resistance in the Chinese Countryside. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Wang, Hufeng. 2009. “A dilemma of Chinese healthcare reform: how to re-define government roles.” China Economic Review 20(4), 598–604.

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