Thursday, April 27, 2017


InfinitiveTo + Verb 

 to economically integrate with Taiwan
The to-infinitive to integrate has been split by the modifier economically. Depending on context, it may or may not need to be unsplit. 

There is no grammatical rule against splitting the infinitive, but some people strongly object to the construction, especially in formal writing. In many instances, unsplitting the infinitive can sound awkward or change the meaning of the sentence. If your reader is likely to object to the split infinitive, rewrite the sentence to avoid its use. (We flag this for that reason.) It is unlikely that long phrases and interrupters can smoothly split the infinitive. 

Controversial: I chose to quietly sneak away from the situation.
Recommended: I chose to sneak away from the situation quietly.
Controversial: He was asked to solemnly swear that he was telling the truth.
Recommended: He was asked to swear solemnly that he was telling the truth.

therefore, this is better and correct
to integrate with Taiwan economically

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