Monday, April 03, 2017

1992 consensus

one china, with each side (of the Taiwan Strait) making its own interpretation

In late 1992, Taiwan and China reached an agreement to orally express the term “one
China” in their own ways. Taipei stressed that Taiwan and China had different interpretations of
“one China” so that China should not suppress the usage “Republic of China” in the international
arena. Beijing emphasized that both sides reached agreement to insist on using the one-China principle.
In practice, Taipei and Beijing have different interpretations of the 1992 consensus and continued
to confront each other in the international arena over the “one-China” principle. Author
interviews with a senior scholar of Taiwan Studies, Shanghai, November 2002; and a senior
scholar of International Relations, Shanghai, November 2002.

Tung, C.-y. (2005). An Assessment of China's Taiwan Policy under the Third Generation Leadership. Asian Survey, 45(3), 343-361. doi: 10.1525/as.2005.45.3.343

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