Thursday, February 16, 2017

relationship of law and economic development

Does Law Matter for Economic Development? Evidence From East Asia

  • 1970s, law and society scholars drew on these traditions to inform international development policy in what was then called the "Law and Development Movement"
  • theoretically informed development policy focused on law (Tamanaha 1995).
  • Tamanaha, Brian Z. (1995), Review Essay: "The Lessons of Law and Development Studies," 89 American J. of International Law 470-86.
  • The Law and Development Movement ultimately fizzled (Gardner 1980; Trubek and Galanter 1974), 
  • Gardner, James (1980) Legal Imperialism:A merican Lawyersa nd Foreign Aid in Latin America. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press; 
  • Trubek, David & Marc Galanter (1974) "Scholars in Self-Estrangement: Some Reflections on the Crisis in Law and Development Studies in the UnitedStates," Wisconsin Law Rev. 1062-95. 
  • Trubek, David (1972) "Max Weber on Law and the Rise of Capitalism," 1972 Wisconsin Law Rev. 720-53.
  • government agencies, international organizations, and the non-profit sector advocate the need for strengthening the rule of law in developing countries.
  • By most accounts, law has not played a major role in Asian economic growth. Scholars have placed more emphasis on particular policies, institutions, and cultural underpinnings rather than on law per se (Upham 1994). 

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