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Ministry of health welfare

Meier, Kenneth J., and Jill Nicholson-Crotty. 2006. "Gender, representative forcement: The case of sexual assault." Public Administration Review, 66 ,850-860

multiple regression
several independent variable
 Prior research on rape has shown correlations with  several factors, including unemployment, education  level, income, poverty, minority population, size of  the police force, and variations in state law (local  jurisdictions enforce state laws; see Baron and Straus  1989). To control for these factors, each of the models  includes measures of unemployment, the percentage  of residents over age 25 with a high school diploma,  the median personal income, the percentage of fami lies living in poverty, the percentage of Latino residents, the percentage of African American residents,
 and the number police officers per 100,000 population. Except for the size of the police force (from FBI  data) and the unemployment rate (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics), all data were taken from the 1990 Census.

dependent variables
report rate and the arrest rate rather than the incident

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