Tuesday, January 03, 2017

investment, age

金融商品, 不外乎四種型態:
  1. 現金: 將資金投資在銀行或相關機構, 讓你可以領取利息
  2. 固定利息: 借錢給政府或公司, 得到固定利息收入
  3. 股份: 投資別人公司的股份, 並期待從中賺到更多的錢
  4. 不動產: 購買住宅或商用不動產, 轉賣得利
將投資風險分配到上列每種類別: 現金, 固定利息, 股票(份), 不動產

投資時, 注意所收取之服務費高低

莫專注在避險, 你應該專注在投資報酬

當別人戒慎恐懼時, 自己應表現貪婪, 當別人貪婪時, 自己應戒慎恐懼

  • 先選定你自己預期的每年投資報酬率, 然後以72當分子, 自己預期的每年投資報酬率當分母, 二者相除後, 得到的數字即為你達成目標的投資年限
  • 例如, 你預期的投資報酬率為10%, 則你需要7.2年, 才能讓投資本金成為2倍--72/10=7.2
  • 例如, 你預期的投資報酬率為6%, 則你需要12年, 才能讓投資本金成為2倍--72/6=12
  • 例如, 你預期的投資報酬率為8%, 則你需要9年, 才能讓投資本金成為2倍--72/8=9
age and investment
  • if u are older, u should gradually own a smaller proportion of stocks and more bonds in ur portfolio, because in ur older years u want less volatility
  • if u might well need the money sooner, for whatever reasons, u may want to have a higher ratio of bonds
  • if u have enough to live off of and u want to grow ur family's long-term wealth, u may keep much more in equities than ur age may indicate
  • since people need more growth due to living longer, and because the risk of equity volatility is ameliorated by the long number of years u are investing plus the breadth of countries in ur portfolio, u can have a higher proportion of equities that is often recommended for a conservative portfolio
up to mid 50s

  • start tricking in
  • emergency funds covering at least 4 to 6 months' expense
  • invest in more aggressive growth stocks funds, e.g., small company stock funds
  • funds that are investing in frontier and emerging countries
  • high-yield and moderate-rated corporate bond funds
mid 50s to early 70s

  • accelerate ur investing pocket funding
  • line up advisors who are younger than u
  • by the time u retire, it is most prudent to have virtually no debt
  • u may have saved up to a point where are u reaching the upper limits of FDIC insurance in any one of ur bank accounts; if so, open up a few bank accounts at multiple banks
over 72 years
  • don't adjust too much too soon

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