Sunday, November 20, 2016

The flowering of the question

Thought and time are the two factors of fear. You cannot do anything about it. Don’t ask, “How am I to stop thinking?” It is too silly a question. Because you have got to think—to go from here to your house, to drive a car, to speak a language. But time may not be necessary at all psychologically, inwardly. So we are saying fear exists because of the two major factors of time and thought, in which is involved reward and punishment. Now, I have heard this statement made by you. And I have listened to it so immensely because it is a tremendous problem which man has not solved at all and which, therefore, is creating havoc in the world. I have listened to you, listened to the statement. And you have also told me: Don’t do anything about it; just put the question and live with it, as a woman bears the seed in her womb. So you have put the question. Let that question flower. In the flowering of that question, there is also the withering away of that question. It is not the flowering and then the ending—the very flowering is the ending. - Krishnamurti, That Benediction is Where You Are, pp 39-40

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