Sunday, November 20, 2016

Helping human consciousness to lessen fear

One has lived a so-called individualistic life, concerned about oneself and one’s problems. Those problems never end, they increase. One has lived that kind of life. One has been brought up, educated, conditioned to that kind of life. You come along as a friend; you say to me: “Look, your consciousness is not yours; you suffer as other people suffer.” I listen to it and I do not reject what you say, for it makes sense, it is sane and I see that in what you have told me, there can perhaps be peace in the world. And I say to myself: “Now, can I be free from fear?” I see that I am responsible, totally, for the whole consciousness. I see that when I am investigating fear I am helping the total human consciousness to lessen fear. - Krishnamurti, The Network of Thought, pp 70-71

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