Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Checking account

 open up a completely new one
  • low required balance to qualify for free checking, no monthly fee
  • free checks and check writing
  • online access to your account statements and free online bill pay
  • insurance coverage of your deposits
  • non-interest-bearing: the actual interest rate you are paid on checking account tends to be really low compared to the interest rate you can earn from other types of bank accounts, e.g., saving account
  • keep your checking account balance as low as possible to over your bills and cash needs, and put all your extra money in a saving accounts
  • you keep money you need to cover your monthly spending (the cash you take out at ATM, the check you write to cover bills)
  • shop for a better checking account  http://www.bankrate.com/  click "checking and savings" search for the best bank deals in your area, click on the "compare rates" to find no-fee checking account
  • sign up for online bill payment (free service), pay your bills electronically and directly from your checking account
  • if because ur combined balance on ur checking and saving accounts are large enough, u can have free checking. however, if pull off ur savings, u may no longer qualify for free checking, if this is the case, be proactive and move ur checking account at the same time u move ur saving account. www.bankrate.com to find no-fee checking accounts, u can also search for top saving account with higher interest rate
  • use checking account to pay off credit card

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