Sunday, June 19, 2016

Healing through the Akashic records : using the power of your sacred wounds to discover your soul’s perfection

using the wounds we have suffered during our lives as the means to come to know our true selves, to discover our soul’s perfection

 through my difficulties—not despite them—I encountered the Divine Presence in a very real way. I came to know that nothing could possibly happen to me that could ever corrupt or destroy the Divine spark within me. I discovered that the connection I have with the Divine, and with life itself, is unshakable.

standing firmly on the foundation of this knowledge, I am secure enough to build a life that expresses the best truths of who I am.

facing the source of our pain and distress: wounds we have inevitably incurred throughout our lives, beginning in infancy, that affect us to the present day. Through working in the Akashic Records, we
change our relationship to these wounds.

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