Sunday, February 14, 2016

delegated exam

cross sectoral collaboration

public (moex) -- hiring org     1

public (moex) -- nonprofit or profit -- hiring org    2

public (moex) -- hiring org -- nonprofit or profit    2

repetitive or not

new public management, contract out

US--ideology favoring limited government, deregulation, privatization,

why TW need DE?

Do TW need DE? organizations will only collaborate when they cannot get what they want without collaborating?

Why need DE, transaction, resource dependency
sector failure
Existing relationships or networks
need to reduce resource dependencies in the environment
to decrease transaction costs

institutional environment includes normative, legal, and regulatory elements that organizations must conform to if they are to achieve the legitimacy that is necessary for survival



pre --- + ex ante


the model of this article can be applied to various situations

conditions that are likely to prompt calls for cross-sector collaboration

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