Friday, September 25, 2015

Octavio Paz

Between what I see and what I say, between what I say and what I keep silent, between what I keep silent and what I dream, between what I dream and what I forget: poetry.
It slips between yes and no,
says what I keep silent,
keeps silent what I say,
dreams what I forget.
It is not speech: it is an act.
It is an act of speech.
Poetry speaks and listens:
it is real, And as soon as I say
it is real,
it vanishes.
Is it then more real? Tangible idea,
intangible word:
poetry comes and goes
between what is and what is not.
It weaves and unweaves reflections.
Poetry scatters eyes on a page, scatters words on our eyes. Eyes speak,
words look, looks think.
To hear thoughts,
see what we say,

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