Saturday, June 20, 2015

Can the mind be free of time?

Seeing that thought is transient, the mind creates the 'I'-process, the 'me', which it then calls the permanent, the everlasting, but which is still within the field of the mind because the mind has created and can think about it. What the mind can think about is obviously within the field of the mind, which is the field of time; therefore, it is not the timeless, the eternal, though you may call it the Atman, the higher self, or God. Your God is then a product of your thought, and your thought is the response of your conditioning, of your memories, of your experiences, which are all within the field of time.Now, can the mind be free of time? That is the real problem. Because, all creation takes place outside the field of time; all profound thinking, all deep feeling, is always timeless. When you love somebody, when there is love, that love is not bound by time.> - Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XI,169

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