Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Performance Standards for Critical Elements, level 1-5

  • Level 5: The executive demonstrates exceptional performance, fostering a climate that sustains excellence and optimizes results in the executive’s organization, agency, department or government-wide.  This represents the highest level of executive performance, as evidenced by the extraordinary impact on the achievement of the organization’s mission.  The executive is an inspirational leader and is considered a role model by agency leadership, peers, and employees.  The executive continually contributes materially to or spearheads agency efforts that address or accomplish important agency goals, consistently achieves expectations at the highest level of quality possible, and consistently handles challenges, exceeds targets, and completes assignments ahead of schedule at every step along the way. Performance may be demonstrated in such ways as the following examples: 
o   Overcomes unanticipated barriers or intractable problems by developing creative solutions that address program concerns that could adversely affect the organization, agency, or Government.
o   Through leadership by example, creates a work environment that fosters creative thinking and innovation; fosters core process re-engineering; and accomplishment of established organizational performance targets.
o   Takes the initiative to identify new opportunities for program and policy development and implementation or seeks more opportunities to contribute to optimizing results; takes calculated risks to accomplish organizational objectives.
o   Accomplishes objectives even under demands and time pressure beyond those typically found in the executive environment.
o   Achieves results of significant value to the organization, agency, or Government.
o   Achieves significant efficiencies or cost-savings in program delivery or in daily operational costs of the organization.

§  Level 4: The executive demonstrates a very high level of performance beyond that required for successful performance in the executive’s position and scope of responsibilities. The executive is a proven, highly effective leader who builds trust and instills confidence in agency leadership, peers, and employees. The executive consistently exceeds established performance expectations, timelines, or targets, as applicable. Performance may be demonstrated in such ways as the following:
o   Advances progress significantly toward achieving one or more strategic goals.
o   Demonstrates unusual resourcefulness in dealing with program operations or policy challenges.
o   Achieves unexpected results that advance the goals and objectives of the organization, agency, or Government.

§  Level 3: The executive demonstrates the high level of performance expected and the executive’s actions and leadership contribute positively toward the achievement of strategic goals and meaningful results. The executive is an effective, solid, and dependable leader who delivers high-quality results based on measures of quality, quantity, efficiency, and/or effectiveness within agreed upon timelines. The executive meets and often exceeds challenging performance expectations established for the position. Performance may be demonstrated in such ways as the following:
o   Seizes opportunities to address issues and effects change when needed.
o   Finds solutions to serious problems and champions their adoption.
o   Designs strategies leading to improvements.

§  Level 2: The executive’s contributions to the organization are acceptable in the short term but do not appreciably advance the organization towards achievement of its goals and objectives. While the executive generally meets established performance expectations, timelines and targets, there are occasional lapses that impair operations and/or cause concern from management. While showing basic ability to accomplish work through others, the executive may demonstrate limited ability to inspire subordinates to give their best efforts or to marshal those efforts effectively to address problems characteristic of the organization and its work.

  • Level 1: In repeated instances, the executive demonstrates performance deficiencies that detract from mission goals and objectives. The executive generally is viewed as ineffectual by agency leadership, peers, or employees. The executive does not meet established performance expectations/timelines/targets and fails to produce – or produces unacceptable – work products, services, or outcomes.

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