Tuesday, May 05, 2015

dept. of homeland security, Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program



The SES CDP program includes:
  • 360-Degree Assessment used to identify ECQ competency gaps.
  • An Executive Development Plan (EDP) that is developed with an SES mentor to address identified ECQ gaps through various development activities.
  • Executive Education Classroom Training through courses that address individual ECQ gaps and general skills needed to succeed as a Homeland Security executive.
  • Developmental Assignments that are six to eight months in length and at the executive level. These assignments include one continuous four-month assignment outside the candidate's home component.
  • An SES Mentor to assist candidates in developing their EDPs and meet with regularly throughout the program to provide guidance.
  • Other Development Activities that may include events and projects to further develop a candidate’s understanding of the Homeland Security mission, programs and challenges.

  • Orientation Session:  The SES CDP begins with a mandatory, two-part orientation with sessions near Washington, DC and Denver, CO that will include completion of a 360 degree assessment to assist candidates in identifying development needs.
  • Mentoring Partnerships:  Candidates will work with an SES mentor who will provide assistance and guidance throughout the program.   Mentors will assist candidates in the preparation of tailored Executive Development Plans (EDPs) describing all training, developmental assignments, and activities they will complete during the course of the program. 
  • Executive Development Plans:  Candidates must develop EDPs based on individual needs and competencies.   A DHS Executive Resources Board (ERB) will approve each candidate's EDP.   At periodic intervals, the ERB will review each candidate's performance and progress in completing the EDP activities.
  • Training and Development Assignments:  Each EDP must include:   (1) Formal interagency training exercises (approximately 20-30 days) that address the Executive Core Qualifications and their application to SES positions governmentwide; (2) At least 6-8 months of developmental assignments outside the candidate's position of record (including one continuous 4-month assignment outside the candidate's component of record); and (3) Supplemental training and activities depending on each candidate's needs and objectives. 
  • Office of Personnel Management QRB Certification:  Upon the candidate's successful completion of the CDP, the agency will request ERB approval and certification of the candidate's Executive Core Qualifications by an OPM Qualifications Review Board.   This certification permits career appointment to the SES without further competition to any position for which the individual is determined to be otherwise qualified (e.g., meets technical qualifications). 

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