Monday, March 09, 2015

Name request

“Name request” is a procedure which permits managers to request placement of a specific candidate on a certificate. Offices that permit name request will include the individual if his or her score is high enough. If the individual’s score ties the highest score and veterans preference rules permit, that individual would then be listed first, and may even be the only name referred.

Name request permits a real link between recruiting and hiring. However, its value depends on the score of the requested individual relative to the scores of other candidates, and on the veterans preference status of all candidates. Finally, it’s only of value if the examining office honors the request. (One of the offices in our sample didn’t permit managers to use this procedure.)

If managers were permitted to select from a larger candidate pool, name request might not be needed. However, under current law, it’s a tool managers may use to help a preferred candidate avoid being eliminated from consideration in a tied-score situation.

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