Saturday, February 07, 2015

OAA, IRA, whistleblower, appeal directly to MSPB, required information

You must file your timely appeal in writing with the Board's regional or field office serving the area where your duty station was located when the action was taken. Applicants for employment should file in the regional or field office serving the area where the position applied for is located. This requirement applies to all whistleblower appeals, both otherwise appealable actions and individual right of action appeals.
Your appeal must contain the following:
  • All of the information required by the Board's regulations at Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1201, for other types of appeals, including the signature of the appellant or the appellant's representative and a certificate of service stating how and when a copy of the appeal was served on the agency.
  • A description of the whistleblowing disclosure and a chronology of facts concerning the personnel action--including the name and position of the person(s) taking the action, or a copy of your complaint to OSC and any addenda to it.
  • An explanation as to why you believe the personnel action is in reprisal for whistleblowing and any supporting evidence you have.
  • In the case of a threatened action not yet taken, the specific indications giving rise to your apprehensions.
  • If you have sought corrective action from the Special Counsel first, evidence that your appeal is being filed within the required time limits.
  • A form for filing an appeal and a listing of addresses of all MSPB regional and field offices are available on the MSPB Website.
Appeals may be filed by mail, by facsimile, by commercial overnight delivery, by personal delivery, or electronically by using the Board's online process at MSPB e-Appeal Online ( The date of filing by mail is considered to be the postmark date. The date of filing by facsimile is the date of the facsimile. The date of filing by commercial overnight delivery is the date you deliver the appeal to the commercial overnight delivery service. The date of filing by e-Appeal is the date of electronic submission.

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