Saturday, February 07, 2015

negotiated grievance procedure, MSPB

There are also additional jurisdictional issues when the employee is a member of a bargaining unit that has a negotiated grievance procedure covering any of the actions that may be appealed to the Board. In such instances, the employee normally must pursue a grievance through the negotiated grievance procedure. There are three exceptions to this general rule: (1) when the action is an adverse action or performance-based action; (2) when the employee raises an issue of prohibited discrimination in connection with the action; and (3) when the employee alleges that the action was the result of a prohibited personnel practice other than discrimination. If any of these exceptions apply, the employee has the choice of using the negotiated grievance procedure or filing an appeal with the Board, but may not do both. (Under the terms of some union contracts, Postal Service employees may be able to pursue a grievance under the negotiated procedure and also file an appeal with the Board.)

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