Monday, February 16, 2015

DEU, DEO responsibility

DEU is also responsible for making the following determinations:

 • Conversion to career or career-conditional employment (see 5 CFR part 315);
 • Exceptions to the time-in-grade restriction (see 5 CFR part 300); and
 • Exceptions to the time-after-competitive-appointment restriction (see 5 CFR part 330)

Career transition assistance
You are responsible for recruiting, examining, and referring eligibles in a manner that complies with your agency’s Career Transition Assistance Plan and the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (see Chapter 4, Section B).

Requests for Reconsideration (重新評分)
You must establish a procedure through which applicants may request reconsideration of their ratings (see 5 CFR part 300). You may want to consider incorporating this procedure into your agency’s administrative grievance or alternative dispute resolution system.

For more detailed information, see Chapter 5, Section C, Establish an Inventory.

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