Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crediting plan/ rating schedule

Crediting plan/ rating schedule ----
A method by which a candidate’s job-related competencies/KSAs are evaluated by reviewing the factual background of a candidate, to include positions held, levels of responsibility, accomplishments, and job-related education they have received.

Develop the assessment tool(s) (e.g., rating schedule/crediting plan, structured interview, or other type of tool) using the competencies/KSAs identified for the position (The crediting plan/rating schedule is just one of many assessment tools available.)
Examples of assessment tools include rating schedules, written tests, work samples, and structured interviews.

Apply the rating schedule to all eligible applicants regardless of series. Eligible applicants are rated and ranked on the same competencies/KSAs;
Once the rating schedule has been developed, you have to determine the number of points an applicant can receive.

Job announcement requirement
Agencies are not expected to disclose crediting plans and/or rating schedules with scoring keys.

an example of developing a crediting plan/rating schedule


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