Wednesday, February 18, 2015

category rating

Unfortunately, it appears that category rating is not yet being widely used. In 2003, GAO surveyed agency Chief Human Capital Officers and found that almost 60 percent were using category rating to “little or no extent.” The most cited reasons for not using the method were:
 (1) a lack of agency policies for using the method,
 (2) a lack of OPM guidance in how to use it,
(3) a need to reprogram automated systems to support the process,
(4) rigid OPM rules and regulations, and
(5) concerns about potential inconsistencies in use.

 Most of these are procedural issues. Agencies should not let procedural issues stand in the way of employing a tool that could help improve workforce quality and diversity by allowing selection from a larger group of qualified candidates.

The Homeland Security Act established the position of Chief Human Capital Officer for each major agency and department. This individual has the statutory responsibility to advise and assist agency heads and other officials in strategically managing the workforce.

GAO(2003) Opportunities to Improve Executive Agencies’ Hiring Processes, pp. 33-34.

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