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The Great American Kidney Swap---altruistic donor


National Kidney Registry

kindle --- 露天拍賣

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documentary -- Last Days of Vietnam
American Experience, PBS
Oscar award nominated

US supreme court, Argument Audio, gay marriage

2015, April 28

   14-556-Question-1Obergefell v. Hodges
 14-556-Question-2Obergefell v. Hodges

Human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead in Karachi

Two families, opposite views of Kentucky’s gay marriage legal fight

2015 SES pay rate

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Big prices in little Taipei: Why is property so expensive in Taiwan's capital?

federal civil service structure

NSF excepted service pay scale

2015 Excepted Service Pay Scale
Effective January 11, 2015
(Includes Locality Adjustment) 
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Federal Job Classifications: Competitive vs. Excepted Service

The excepted service and the competitive service are two different classifications for federal jobs.  Whether you are already a federal employee, or are applying for a federal job for the first time, either of these could present some significant advantages and disadvantages in your career.  But what is the difference, and what do these differences mean to you?
What is the Excepted Service?
If you are in the excepted service, it means that you didn’t have to undergo the same hiring process as federal employees in the competitive service.  Simply put, the competitive service has to follow the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s hiring rules, pay scales, and so onAgencies or positions in the excepted service don’t.  In addition, Veteran’s Preference — which means if there is a veteran who meets the qualifications of the job, he or she gets priority over other equally qualified candidates — applies to competitive service jobs, but not to the excepted service.
This has many implications for federal employees.  If you have a job in the competitive service, you have already gone through the OPM’s hiring process, including the thorough hiring examination.  Once you have done it once, you don’t have to do it again, even if you want to transfer to another job in the competitive service.
If you have a job in the excepted service, on the other hand, you may not have the same mobility.  Some excepted service agencies have an agreement that allows employees to transfer to the competitive service without undergoing the hiring examination, but not all of them do.  Usually, in order to have this sort of agreement, an excepted service agency must have a similar merit scale to what the competitive service uses.
Just because excepted service jobs use different a hiring process than the thorough OPM hiring exam, doesn’t mean they are necessarily easier jobs to get.  Many excepted service jobs have much more difficult hiring standards, such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which has an extensive background check that can take as long as a year to complete.  Because of the strict requirements and the sensitive nature of the job, the agency has to be excepted from OPM hiring standards.
Although calling it the excepted service makes these jobs sound like an exception, and therefore fewer than those in the competitive service, in fact the excepted service makes up about half of all federal jobsThirty-one percent of federal jobs are with the U.S. Post Office, the biggest excepted service agency, and about 20 percent are with other agencies within the excepted service.  Individual positions can also fall under the excepted service, even if the agency the position is in is part of the competitive service, due to the unique requirements of the job.
How Do Positions or Agencies Become Excepted?
Positions and agencies in the excepted service are usually there for one of a few different reasons.  As already discussed, jobs are often in the excepted service because the hiring requirements have to be stricter, such as in the case of the CIA.  Agencies that require a very narrow specialty, such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), may also be in the excepted service, which allows them to offer better pay scales and benefits in order to attract highl specialized professionals.
A third group of excepted service jobs are there because a person’s qualifications for the job can’t be judged as well as in other fields.  A few examples are attorneys, special agents, and chaplains.  And finally, if the position deals with confidential information, such as a cabinet advisor or secretary, it typically falls into the excepted service.
In order to become part of the excepted service, however, an agency or a position has to be defined as such by statute, by the President, or by OPM.  Excepted service positions are further classified into Schedules A, B, and C, as well as non-career executive assignments.
Should I Take the Job?
Competitive service versus excepted service can limit your career options somewhat.  For instance, if you already have a federal job, you may not be able to transfer easily if you are in the excepted service.  Competitive service employees, on the other hand, can transfer to another federal job without having to undergo the OPM hiring exam again, as can employees in certain excepted service agencies, such as the NRC.
If you are applying for a federal job for the first time, you might want to consider this as a significant disadvantage of taking a job in the excepted service.  Before taking the job, find out if the agency has an interchange agreement that would allow you to more easily move into a competitive service position at a later date.
One other disadvantage is the lengthy hiring process of some agencies or positions in the excepted service.  The CIA is a good example, as its background check can take as long as a year.
However, there are some advantages to taking a job in the excepted service, whether or not you are already a federal employee.  For instance, some excepted service agencies, such as the NRC, offer better pay scales and benefits packages than the competitive service.  It is definitely worth comparing these factors to comparable jobs in the competitive service.
In addition, first-timers may find it easier to “break into” a federal job in the excepted service.  Whereas competitive service position openings often hire internally, only considering applicants who already work in the competitive service, excepted service positions are more often open to all applicants.  Also, even though you cannot transfer as easily from the excepted service, you may still find it easier to move into a competitive service job later on, since you will be more likely to have the correct qualifications.
It’s impossible to say whether the competitive or excepted service is right for you, since this varies for everyone and every individual situation.  The first step toward making this decision, however, is understanding the differences between the two, as well as the advantages and disadvantages offered by both.

senior executive service

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Meryl Streep On Why It's Harder For Men To Appreciate Movies About Women

Obama's Anger Management Translator Speaks the Truth

10 Posh Places for Afternoon Tea in Los Angeles

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Could Israel's water technology ease California's drought?

How maps packed with data help scientists fight malaria

鍵盤協助尼泊爾救災, help needed, Nepal earthquake, mapping project

尼泊爾震災死亡已超過千人,國際救援團隊陸續趕到,世界各地的鄉民也已經集結,Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) 上正如火如荼的建立當地救災所需的基礎路網地圖圖資。如果你有十分鐘時間,請跟著上面的教學文,幫忙在地圖上從衛星圖描出一條路!
尼伯爾地震OSM Wiki協作指引頁面

但救援的第一個前提是該地區的路網需要被標示,因此目前開放街圖(Open Street Map)的 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) 正在利用衛星地圖儘速畫出當地偏遠地區道路路網,協助救難人員前往該地區救災。目前需要大量人力協助。
本文以CC-BY 4.0釋出,歡迎大家分享、轉貼。
尼伯爾地震OSM Wiki協作指引頁面
若有問題,歡迎至 OpenStreetMap台灣 提問!
reminder for 10 years.....


Here’s how you can see and delete your entire Google search history
穿林打葉 過程轟轟烈烈
花開花落 一路上起起跌跌
春夏秋冬明和滅 幕還未謝


錦上添花 不如一簑煙雨
滿堂盛宴 還不如一碗細麵

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稅額試算資料明寄發 新增查詢碼服務


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EEOC Sues Detroit Funeral Home Chain for Sex Discrimination Against Transgender Employee

EEOC files first transgender discrimination lawsuits

EEOC v. Lakeland Eye Clinic, EEOC inks first transgender discrimination settlement agreement

First transgender discrimination case to challenge ADA’s constitutionality

December, 2014

 Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memo officially directing the DOJ to take the position in litigation that Title VII protects transgender people. And in July, Mr. Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

national transgender discrimination survey


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cheap flights, airline tickets, search,PDX;t=TPE,TSA;d=2015-07-22m2;r=2015-08-04p2;group=1

codependent -- book

 Codependent no more : how to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself by 
Beattie, Melody

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public trust doctrine---Teens are suing Oregon to force action on climate change


太平輪 : 亂世浮生

Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace

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Yazidi girls who escaped Islamic State are trapped by trauma

台灣首位盲人律師 帶工人打敗RCA

How We Elevate Each Other: Viktor Frankl on the Human Spirit and Why Idealism Is the Best Realism

There's a parenting trend that's taken over the US, and it's changing children everywhere

The study of philosophy helps to foster intellectual freedom

How Attractive Are You To The Opposite Sex? Esquire’s 1949 Questionnaire

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management seeks volunteer residents for haunted ghost town

interesting research topic for PhD students??


RCA案終獲判賠 台版永不妥協


Taiwanese food

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Guilt and Shame in Chinese Culture

Guilt and Shame in Chinese Culture: A Cross-cultural Framework from the Perspective of Morality and Identity

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 33:2 0021–8308

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Krishnamorti's Notebook

with a lot of karma, is liberation possible---The mind is our obstacle, not the past.

Eclectic Energies Enneagram Tests (free)

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that consists of nine different types. Everyone is considered to be one single type, although one can have traits belonging to other ones. While it's uncertain whether this type is genetically determined, many believe it is already in place at birth.

this is interesting

John WilsonNonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, April 2012; vol. 41, 2: pp. 176-212.

Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless

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How San Francisco plans to 'get to zero' HIV infections

This cement alternative absorbs CO2 like a sponge

Big Data's Applications in HRM

Publications / Journal Articles 
a. Bosco, F. A., Aguinis, H. Singh, K., Field, J. G., & Pierce, C. A. 2015. Correlational effect size benchmarks. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100: 431-449. 
- Herman Aguinis (co-author)
b. George, G., Haas, M., & Pentland, A. (2014). Big data and management. Academy of Management Journal, 57, 321-326. doi: 10.5465/amj.2014.4002 
- George Banks
c. Guzzo, Nalbantian & Parra. (2014). A Big Data, Say-Do Approach to Climate and Culture. In Schneider & Barbera (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Organizational Climate and Culture. Oxford
The chapter summarizes longitudinal research across 34 organizations on the relationship between compensation and voluntary turnover and their relationships with climate and culture. 
- Banjamin Schneider
d. Vern Glaser's recent dissertation on his ethnography of a law enforcement organization, and specifically how the organization used algorithms (part of 'big data/data analytics') in their work. 
- Emily Heaphy

Big Data Research Project
An “open science” and “big data” project: You’re either omnibus or off the bus (personally I found this project very interesting)
- Frank Bosco (co-founder), Michael A McDaniel

Roughly, there are four major types of big data knowledge (I like this idea a great deal!)
a. Big Data research methods, for the automated extraction of large quantities of information from non-optimally formatted sources, usually using programming languages like Python, Ruby, or even homegrown ones; might or might not include data mining/machine learning, which is often Bayesian.
b. Big Data storage techniques, to reasonably hold, store, and access Big Data – the most common system these days is probably Apache Hadoop, although vanilla SQL is common too
c. Big Data analytic techniques, for the analysis of datasets that won’t be analyzed easily in SAS/SPSS/Minitab/whatever, typically either R or Python
d. Big Data visualization techniques, for the display of millions of cases in meaningful tables and figures, also often done in R or Python
- Richard Landers

Company Applications
a. Google’s people analytics group case:  “Google's Project Oxygen started with a fundamental question raised by executives in the early 2000s: do managers matter?” (Available on Harvard Business School Press website)
The topic generated a multi-year research project that ultimately led to a comprehensive program, built around eight key management attributes, designed to help Google employees become better managers. By November 2012, the program had been in place for several years, and the company could point to statistically significant improvements in managerial effectiveness and performance. Now executives were wondering: how could Google build on the success of this project, extending it to senior leaders, teams, and other constituencies while striving to create truly amazing managers?”
- Heidi Gardner
b. Workday is a company which offers Big Data analytics services to their clients for tracking and predicting various HR-related outcomes, such as employee performance and retention. One of their claims is that they can help predict which high-performing employees are likely to leave a company in the next year. 
- Harry Joo

Books / Book Chapters
Kitchin, R. (2014). The data revolution: Big data, open data, data infrastructures and their consequences. Sage.
- James Field
Hausknecht, J., & Li, H. (In press, 2015). Big Data in Turnover/Retention. In Tonidandel, King, & Cortina (Eds.), Big Data at Work -SIOP Frontiers Book Series. 
- Huisi (Jessica) Li (co-author)

Theory Development
Davis, G. F. (2010). Do theories of organizations progress?. Organizational Research Methods, 13(4), 690-70.
"It is safe to say that theory in astronomy improved with the invention of the telescope and that theory in biology was enhanced by the availability of the microscope. Has organization theory improved as a result of this new avalanche of data? Sadly, and surprisingly, no."  
- Alan Silva

Recent Workshops / Symposiums
SIOP, April 23-25 Philadelphia
- Richard Landers
Cheng, M., Hackett, RD., (2015). Big Data Analytics in Human Resources Management: Early Adoptions, Promising Applications, and Caveats. Symposium to be presented at the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver, BC

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MOEX library

sector and S

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

generation and S

Journal of Business and Psychology
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

cohort effect

Jurkiewicz, C. L., & Bradley, D. B. 2002. Generational ethics: Age cohort and healthcare executives' values. HEC Forum, 14(2): 148-171.

Markert, J. 2004. Demographics of age: Generational and cohort confusion. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, 26(2): 11-25.

Mason, K. O., Mason, W. M., Winsborough, H. H., & Poole, W. K. 1973. Some methodological issues in cohort analysis of archival data. American Sociological Review, 38(2): 242-258.

Meredith, G., & Schewe, C. 1994. The power of cohorts. American Demographics, 16(12): 22-31.

Meriac, J., Woehr, D., & Banister, C. 2010. Generational differences in work ethic: An examination of measurement equivalence across three cohorts. Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(2): 315-324.

Noble, S. M., & Schewe, C. D. 2003. Cohort segmentation: An exploration of its validity. Journal of Business Research, 56(12): 979-987.

Palmore, E. 1978. When can age, period, and cohort be separated? Social Forces, 57(1): 282-295.

Riley, M. W. 1973. Aging and cohort succession: Interpretations and misinterpretations. The Public Opinion Quarterly, 37(1): 35-49.

Robinson, R. V., & Jackson, E. F. 2001. Is trust in others declining in America? An age-period-cohort analysis. Social Science Research, 30(1): 117-145.

Rodgers, W. L. 1982. Estimable functions of age, period, and cohort effects. American Sociological Review, 47(6): 774-787.

Rosow, I. 1978. What Is a Cohort and Why? Human Development, 21: 65-75.

Rotolo, T., & Wilson, J. 2004. What happened to the "long civic generation"? Explaining cohort differences in volunteerism. Social Forces, 82(3): 1091-1121.

Ryder, N. B. 1965. The cohort as a concept in the study of social change. American Sociological Review, 30(6): 843-861.

Schuman, H., & Rodgers, W. L. 2004. Cohorts, chronology, and collective memories. Public Opinion Quarterly, 68(2): 217-254.

Schwadel, P. 2010 a. Period and cohort effects on religious non-affiliation and religious disaffiliation: A research note. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49(2): 311-319.
data collected in 2003

paper published in 2014

10 years later.......


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how to deal with one dollar research grant?

John (phd candidate in math): my advisor pointed to the one dollar on the floor and told me that it is the research grant. I don't know how to respond.

C: you may sincerely tell him  "I don't mean to hurt your feeling. To be honest, I guess this is not enough??"

by someone else

Product Details

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shame & guilt

Shame and Guilt (Emotions & Social Behavior)

shame & guilt

Shame & Guilt: Masters of Disguise

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: Raising Children with Courage, Compassion, and Connection

men, women, worthiness, Brene Brown

Men, Women, and Worthiness: The Experience of Shame and the Power of Being Enough

the biggest sacrifice for leaving office at 2:00 AM

L: What do you think is the biggest sacrifice for leaving office at 2:00 AM?
C: I heard people told me that there are ghosts in this building. I guess I am not ready to meet them.
L: @(*&^*%$#!)P*%^G#M(%&!)%

Thought-Controlled Genes Could Someday Help Us Heal

journal promise to publish ?

got an email.............
The Journal of @@@@, a peer-reviewed open-access journal, is very interested in your study. If you have unpublished papers in hand and have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to submit your manuscripts to this journal through our paper submission system.................

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Want More Solar Cheaper in California? Give It to the Poor, Says Study
DV dichotomous, binary logit model

必須採用ACWA Written Test之職組/職系/職位

MSPB(2000)Restoring Merit to Federal Hiring: Why Two Special Hiring Programs Should be