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in 2013, your mom is British, dad is Italian
in 2014, your mom in Scottish, dad is Turkish
Albert Einstein, it is said, was asked by a reporter, "How do you feel, knowing that so many
people are trying to prove you are not right?"

Einstein replied, "I have no interest in being right. I am only concerned with discovering whether I am or not."
Happiness is an achievement that demands an understanding of, a respect for, and a nurturing of the life process.

Ayn Rand

enlightened selfishness

Respect for a human being's right to exist for his or her own sake
—the ethics of rational self-interest or enlightened selfishness
We have no choice about the existence of such challenges; our only choice lies in how we will respond.
To be heroic is to persevere.
To love the process and the struggle.
To laugh without restraint and to weep without restraint.
To remain open and vulnerable, which means to remain feeling.
To allow the life-force to lift us as high as we can rise.
If we do not know how to live in the moment, we will not know how to live in eternity
When considering any work or activity, I asked myself,
"Am I confident that this is the way I want to invest my time and life?"

reader, kindle in Taiwan

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might be disappearing
it is not difficult
honest about expressing my thoughts and opinions
I'd at least know that my friends liked the real me.
our lives are filled with situations where it is appropriate and desirable to express what we think and feel, because such expression can be intrinsically satisfying, can enhance and enliven the moment, can serve our personal integrity. And yet, out of fear, we remain silent.
The moment is unlived. For many people, that is the pattern of their entire lives.
Every act of self-assertion is an implicit affirmation of my right to exist. It implies that I am not the property of others and that I am not bound to live my life in accordance with their expectations—neither my parents nor my teachers nor my friends nor my colleagues nor the government nor the salesperson trying to browbeat me into a purchase I have no wish to make. Self-assertion can be frightening—it connects me to my aloneness.

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yes, no, soul default

one of the most important ways in which we support our self-esteem is through the courage and integrity to say no when we want to say no and yes when we want to say yes.

we said yes when we wanted to say no or vice versa, and we know the marks such defaults leave on the soul
The essence of self-assertion is to respect our own values and live by our own judgment, so that we experience integrity: what we do in the world is the appropriate expression of what we are.
Self-acceptance is, quite simply, realism. That which is, is. That which I feel, I feel. That which I think, I think. That which I have done, I have done.
A woman who does not permit herself to know when she feels assaulted and mistreated, for example, condemns herself to feeling helpless and impotent, a state in which self assertiveness is impossible.

The 6 Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Los Angeles

Controversial facility works to curb H.I.V. spread

Solar-powered plane revealed in Switzerland

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Plenty of jobs are stressful, so why the special fuss about academia?

There is a culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academia

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台灣啟示錄柯媽媽 Part 3-1 強制險立法的八年抗戰 (上)

台灣啟示錄柯媽媽Part 4 柯媽媽還在拚 媽媽為你活的22年

台灣啟示錄柯媽媽 Part 3-2 強制險立法的八年抗戰 (下)

台灣啟示錄柯媽媽 Part 2 母子夢中對話與東海師生支持

柯媽媽強制險立法的八年抗戰 (上)



Please help Maoming city, China Is Under Military Massacre, Dozens People Dead!

For decades, they have lived far below comfort zone with unbelievably exploited living standards, and became the world's cheapest labor for our material affordability. NOW! They are yelling for HELP! Their lives are being slaughtered because of a peaceful demonstration against building a PX chemical factory in their city. The people of Maoming City, Guangdong, China Is Under Military Massacre since March 30. Military tanks and armed forces have blockaded the city and killed dozens people. The city’s internet access have been shot down. The Chinese medias have been ordered to be silent.
The people broke through dangerous resistance coming to our country’s internet crying for help. Please help them to make their voice louder.

China demonstrations 廣東茂名上街頭抗議PX石化工廠, White House Petitions

When the people are no longer afraid of the Chinese communist regime, the end of this regime is beginning.
Please continue to show your support for the peaceful demonstration of Maoming city. Even after they started the massacre, more and more Maoming people are joining the demonstration. The Chinese Communist Party had never encountered anything like this. They are panicking and losing control. This situation tells us that the people are no longer afraid of the CCP and their violence to the people is losing power. The singularity of our Democracy Revolution against Communism is here. This is the time that we come together to create this historical moment.
In order to help to raise Maoming people’s voice. We have made a petition on the white house website. Please help to circulate this petition. Please pray for the Maoming people. Your signature can help to bring communism to an end!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where there is no power, there can be no responsibility, and where there is no responsibility, there can be no reasonable self reproach.
Regret, yes; guilt, no.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


The will to be efficacious—the refusal of a human consciousness to accept helplessness as its permanent and unalterable condition

I am more than my problems

we are responsible for the life decisions we make
we are responsible for the conclusions we draw from our experience

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Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say

Swiss consider welfare overhaul with guaranteed income

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IMF chief Lagarde on the hurdles facing economic growth


industrial policy
political economy
institutional economy
economic development
green enterprise

Living Without Money (繁中字幕)

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raising children, self esteem

Between parent and child

Between parent and teenager

Liberated parents, liberated children

How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk

Sibling without rivalry

Parent effectiveness training ---- Thomas Gordon

Building self-esteem: a comprehensive program for schools

Personal and social responsibility ---- Constance Dembrowsky

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Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation of what is

Problems will always exist where the activities of the self are dominant. To be aware which are and which are not the activities of the self needs constant vigilance. This vigilance is not disciplined attention, but an extensive awareness which is choiceless. Disciplined attention gives strength to the self; it becomes a substitute and a dependence. Awareness, on the other hand, is not self-induced, nor is it the outcome of practice; it is understanding the whole content of the problem, the hidden as well as the superficial. The surface must be understood for the hidden to show itself; the hidden cannot be exposed if the surface mind is not quiet. 
This whole process is not verbal, nor is it a matter of mere experience. Verbalization indicates dullness of mind; and experience, being cumulative, makes for repetitiousness. Awareness is not a matter of determination, for purposive direction is resistance, which tends towards exclusiveness. Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation of what is; in this awareness the problem unrolls itself, and thus it is fully and completely understood. A problem is never solved on its own level; being complex, it must be understood in its total process. To try to solve a problem on only one level, physical or psychological, leads to further conflict and confusion. For the resolution of a problem, there must be this awareness, this passive alertness which reveals its total process. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti Commentaries on Living Series I Chapter 41 Awareness

feed-in tariff

green energy race




日本2011年地震海嘯引發福島核電廠災難,核電廠停機,但自身又沒有石化資源,進口石油又昂貴,因此必須追求能源多元化。日本去年綠能勁增的結果,投資額在全球僅次於美國和中國。報告說,日本投資大幅增加,政府收購電力(feed-in tariff)的制度居功甚大。






why do you sit under a tree?

he asked: why do you sit under a tree?
she replied: maybe I am being a buddha?

enormous independence, courage, and integrity

the will to think, to understand, to remain true to our understanding, to struggle, to endure, to persevere,
and to remain open and responsive to life, sometimes in the face of dread, despair, confusion, and loneliness.

High self-esteem seeks the stimulation of demanding goals.

the choice to think, the choice to not think, to think about what (content), when do I want to think

Shall I assert consciousness or flee from it? Shall I take responsibility for consciousness or pretend
no such responsibility exists?

Grasp this. See where you left off, re-create your context, grasp what the situation now
requires—and proceed

the kinds of choices we make determine the kind of self-esteem we possess

the freedom specifically in the choice to seek or avoid awareness

hard vs soft life for women?

do women have to yell loudly in order to be heard? to make men believe what she says is correct and what men say is wrong?

The U.S. Can Help Calm Taiwan's Political Storm

服貿辯論-黃國昌vs楊泰順, institution and trade pact, Taiwan

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Role of Congress in Trade Policy

Nathaniel Branden

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Frozen Let it go Idina Menzel


Taipei, Taiwan

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'Why I Must Come Out' - Geena Rocero transgender woman


20140401中天新聞 白狼號召千人衝立院 嗆聲衝突不斷

Do Our Dogs Look and Act More Like Us Over Time?

I live in a van down by Duke University

I live in a van down by Duke University

Kenya takes on e-waste problem with new recycling hub

Drug makers agree to curb antibiotic use for farm animals

a demonstrator's business card in Taipei

Photo: 以間諜身份混入白狼陣營,身旁全是檳榔男子和憤怒主婦。假扮成粉絲從他手上拿到名片,他還熱情邀我加入竹聯幫(抖)。結束前,白狼拿著麥克風對學生大吼:「你們民進黨全部都是黑道啦。」還逼這群流氓一齊合唱「中華民國頌」。

different countries, different problem....



China's lofty currency plans are just getting started

Taiwan: Between democracy and China, and in a hard place

Development Patterns: Among Countries and Over Time

  1. Chenery, H.B. and Taylor, L. (1968). "Development Patterns: Among Countries and Over Time," The Review of Economics and Statistics, 50(4), pp. 391–416. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Hollis Chenery's patterns of development approach

different countries become wealthy via different trajectories. The pattern that a particular country will follow, in this framework, depends on its size and resources, and potentially other factors including its current income level and comparative advantages relative to other nations

two-sector surplus model,

W. Lewis' two-sector surplus model, which views agrarian societies as consisting of large amounts of surplus labor which can be utilized to spur the development of an urbanized industrial sector, 
political, social and institutional obstacles to development

Capital accumulation

improved capital investment leads to greater economic growth

Todaro, Michael and Stephen Smith. Economic Development. 9th ed. Addison-Wesley series in economics, 2006

Patterns of Industrial Growth

Chenery, H.B. (1960). "Patterns of Industrial Growth," The American Economic Review, 50(4), pp. 624–54. American Economic Association.

linear-stages-of-growth model : The Five Stages of Growth.

the traditional society, the pre-conditions for take-off, the take-off, the drive to maturity, and the age of high mass-consumption

Rostow, W.W. The Five Stages of Growth. Development and Underdevelopment: The Political Economy of Global Inequality. 3rd ed. pp. 123-131. 
economic growth 
structural transformation.

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Biotechnology Degrees and Certificates

The Guide to National Professional Certification Programs

Bio tech

Taiwan, New York Times

Taiwan, New York Times

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Friendship is possible between equal human beings, totally free from all bondage of society, culture, civilization, only living true to their authentic nature.

Should one first come to terms with one's own Loneliness before entering into Relationship?

by osho

Osho - Yes, you have to come to terms with your loneliness, so much so that the loneliness is transformed into aloneness. Only then will you be capable of moving into a deep enriching relationship. Only then will you be able to move into love. What do I mean when I say that one has to come to terms with one's loneliness, so much so that it becomes aloneness?
Loneliness is a negative state of mind. Aloneness is positive, notwithstanding what the dictionaries say. In dictionaries, loneliness and aloneness are synonymous -- they are synonyms; in life they are not. Loneliness is a state of mind when you are constantly missing the other, aloneness is the state of mind when you are constantly delighted in yourself. Loneliness is miserable, aloneness is blissful. Loneliness is always worried, missing something, hankering for something, desiring for something;
aloneness is a deep fulfillment, not going out, tremendously content, happy, celebrating. In loneliness you are off center, in aloneness you are centered and rooted. Aloneness is beautiful. It has an elegance around it, a grace, a climate of tremendous satisfaction. Loneliness is; beggarly; all around it there is begging and nothing else. It has no grace around it. In fact it is ugly.
Loneliness is a dependence, aloneness is SHEER independence. One feels as if one is one's whole world, one's whole existence.

Now, if you move into a relationship when you are feeling lonely, then you will exploit the other. The other will become a means to satisfy you. You will use the other, and everybody resents being used because no man is here to become a means for anybody else. Every man is an end unto himself. Nobody is here to be used like a thing, everybody is here to be worshipped like a king.
Nobody is here to fulfill anybody else's expectations, everybody is here just to be himself.
So whenever you move in any relationship out of loneliness, the relationship is already on the rocks. Even before it has started, it is already on the rocks. Even before the birth, the child is dead. It is going to create more misery for you. And remember, when you move from your loneliness you will fall in relationship with somebody who is in the same plight, because no man who is really living his aloneness will be attracted towards you. You will be too below him. He can, at the most, sympathize, but cannot love you. One who is on his peak of aloneness can only be attracted towards somebody who is also alone. So whenever you move out of loneliness, you will find a man of the same type; you will find your own reflection somewhere. Two beggars will meet, two miserable people will meet. And remember, when two miserable people meet, it is not an ordinary addition, it is a multiplication. They create much more misery for each other than they could have created in their loneliness.
First become alone. First start enjoying yourself. First love yourself. First become so authentically happy that if nobody comes it doesn't matter; you are full, overflowing. If nobody knocks at your door it is perfectly okay -- YOU are not missing. You are not waiting for somebody to come and knock at the door. You are at home. If somebody comes, good, beautiful. If nobody comes, that too is beautiful and good.
THEN move into relationship. Now you move like a master, not like a beggar. Now you move like an emperor,. not like a beggar.
And the person who has lived in his aloneness will always be attracted to another person who is also living his aloneness beautifully, because the same attracts the same. When two masters meet -- masters of their being, of their aloneness -- happiness is not just added, it is multiplied. It becomes a tremendous phenomenon of celebration. And they don't exploit, they share. They don't use each other. Rather, on the contrary, they both become one and enjoy the existence that surrounds them.
Two lonely people are always facing each other, confronting. Two people who have known aloneness are together, facing something higher than both. I always give this example: two ordinary lovers who are both lonely always face each other; two real lovers, on a full moon night, will not be facing each other. They may be holding hands, but they will be facing the full moon high in the sky. They will not be facing each other, they will be together facing something else. Sometimes they will be listening
to a symphony of Mozart or Beethoven or Wagner together. Sometimes they will be sitting by the side of a tree and enjoying the tremendous being of the tree enveloping them. Sometimes they may be sitting by a waterfall and listening to the wild music that is continuously being created there. Sometimes, by the ocean, they will both be looking to the farthest possibility that the eyes can see.
Whenever two lonely persons meet, they look at each other, because they are constantly in search of ways and means to exploit the other: how to use the other, how to be happy through the other. But two persons who are deeply contented within themselves are not trying to use each other. Rather, they become fellow travellers; they move on a pilgrimage. The goal is high, the goal is far away. Their common interest joins them together.
Ordinarily the common interest is sex. Sex can join two persons momentarily and casually, and very superficially. Real lovers have a greater common interest. It is not that sex will not be there; it may be there, but as part of a higher harmony. Listening to Mozart's or Beethoven's symphony, they may come so close, so close, so close, that there may be love. They may make love to each other, but it is in the greater harmony of a Beethoven symphony. The symphony was the real thing; the love happens as
part of it. And when love happens of its own accord, unsought, unthought, simply happens as part of a higher harmony, it has a totally different quality to it. it is divine, it is no longer human. 
The word 'happiness' comes from a Scandanavian word 'hap'. The word'happening' also comes from the same Scandanavian root. Happiness is that which happens. You cannot produce it, you cannot command it, you cannot force it. At the most, you can be available to it. Whenever it happens, it happens. 
Two real lovers are always available, but never thinking, never trying to find happiness. Then they are never frustrated, because whenever it happens it happens. They create the situation. In fact, if you are happy with yourself, you are already the situation,and if the other is also happy with himself or herself, she is also the situation. When these two situations come close, a greater situation is created. In that greater situation much happens -- nothing is produced. 
Man has not to do anything to be happy. Man has just to flow and let go. So, the question is: should one first come to terms with his own loneliness before entering into relationship? Yes; yes, 
absolutely. It has to be so, otherwise you will be frustrated, and in the name of love you will be doing something else which is not love at all. 

Source - Osho Book "Come Follow To You, Vol 4" 

demonstration in Taipei, Taiwan

god conspiracy

Product Details

Living on Your Own Terms: What Is Real Rebellion?

People can be happy only in one way, and that is if they are authentically themselves. Then the springs of happiness start flowing; they become more alive, they become a joy to see, a joy to be with; they are a song, they are a dance.” – Osho